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We have covered many services providing free PC to mobile calls in this blog. But for using those services, you need to be always be infront of a PC with all necessary accessories like headsets, mic etc. But with the launch of a new service from CallArc, you could make free calls from your mobile phone itself. is a new service from CallArc Technologies Inc which allows users to make free international voip calls from mobile phone without the need of a PC. With this new service you can make free international calls to and from countries around the world such as USA,

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Tips for finding international calling cards

For making a long distance calling like if your family, friends are living in abroad, the best way to talk with them is to use the prepaid calling card as they are not expensive, you can also find that calling card apps for your iPhone 5 can be useful for you. Following are the tips that will help you to how to find the international calling cards:
  • 1. Call rates- First of all find the calling cards that gives you not expensive call rates.
  • 2. Buy a card online- You can also buy the calling card online and can make payment through debit or credit card.

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TalkPlus unveils virtual phone number service

What is TalkPlus?
The way I understand it, when you sign up with TalkPlus, you'll be able to choose one or more virtual phone number that will point to your mobile phone. A virtual number can be local to any location, so for example, if your primary number has a New York area code, you can pick a virtual number in India that lets your relatives or business partners save money compared to making a long-distance call. You can also make calls from your phone and have the virtual number appear on the receiver's CallerID.

Making VoIP Calls with the eVoice iPhone App is a largest VOIP Company.
evoice: Recently we updated our iPhone mobile app to include new features and functionality. Among those was the addition of VoIP. So what is VoIP and why does it matter? VoIP, or Voice over Internet Protocol, is a technology that allows the transmission of voice communications over the Internet. Rather than relying on traditional phone service, VoIP transmits voice communications over the Internet using a data connection.

Free $1 international call credit by VoIP service provider Youtelo

There’s nothing like having the freedom to be able to make international phone calls whenever you need that too without having to worry about the high cost that usually comes with making these international calls from one country to the next. Using a landline or mobile phone without 
a special software such as Rebtel’s app means that you have to pay those sky high prices for international calling. The good news is that you no longer have to pay those expensive prices anymore when you want to make an international phone call, whether you are making a quick

adphone free calls let you make 30 minutes free international calls everyday!

Did you just read the title carefully? Yes, 30 minutes everyday! But adphone free calls is not all free directly. ADPhone offers PC to Phone calling. They give you the first 2 minutes free, up to a total of 30 minutes per day. You cannot call the same number for free more than once every 10 minutes. You can make free calls to over 40 countries. Call quality is above average with a high speed (Cable / DSL) internet connection. Additional minutes to selected countries, calls to countries not

Free Call Pc to Phone. @No register need@

There are so many people are using iphone. It's reported that there are over 57,000,000 people using iphone. And there is also an interesting survey that most of iphone users are lovers. I think it is really convinient for lovers to chat for it's powerful apps. I have talked about too many free voip calls which could be used on iphone, ipad or android phone. Today, we will have another share which is also for iphone users. To be frank, it's a good one for you if you are looking for cheap

ADphone offers 30 mins free call daily

ADphone offers 30 mins for free every day! You just need to download the software and do as the following steps. you could enjoy the free trial calls. the home of adphone.
Step 1: Download ADPHONE
Step 2: Create Your Account  : Create your account directly from the ADPHONE software. Creating an account is free.
Step 3: Start Dialing
Calling Mobile Phone Numbers
You can use ADPHONE to dial mobile phone
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